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Premium respiratory protection from Canada

O2 Curve

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O2 Curve


We put the Curve to the test
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Premium Protection




grains of sand
human hair
dust, mold, pollen
combustives, exhaust
airborne bacteria and pathogens

Tested at the Air Pollution Research and Innovation Laboratory at the University of Waterloo. Tested by Nelson Labs.

Medical Grade Silicon Seal Electrostatic Filter Interchangeable Ergonomic Shells

Airborne Pathogens > 0.50 Microns

95% Effective against airborne pathogens.

Air Pollution 02.50 Microns

98.6% Effective against Smog, Vehicle Exhaust, Smoke.

Protect 1 buy O2 curve

The O2 Curve respirator has a unique performance-oriented modular design. The front shell optimizes protection and airflow while the ergonomic medical grade silicone seal fits most face shapes and is facial hair compatible. Everyone is unique, and the adjustable strap accommodates a comfortable and versatile fit.

Filter 2 buy O2 filters

O2 Canada electrostatic filters are charged with pockets of both negative and positive ions. These ions attract, trap and neutralize small particles. They efficiently filter particles at 0.1 microns and larger. The highly effective filter traps mechanical pollutants found in the air, as well as bacteria and diseases. Based on average usage the filter can last up to 2 weeks.

Style 3 buy O2 shells

The modular design of the O2 Curve makes it easy for you to accessorize your respirator. Pick from a variety of shell colours to create a look that’s right for you.  The shells snap on and off to make it ease giving you options to personalize your look.

Media Coverage

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Air filter masks donated to B.C. by Waterloo startup

Waterloo startup O2 Canada has donated 250 filtration masks as air quality has worsened in B.C. as hundreds of wildfires burn in that province.

Hong Kong

O2 Canada fits China with world’s finest pollution masks

The anti-pollution device was modelled on research from Polytechnic University that provided specifications for the average face shape in China.


Air pollution huge opportunity for Kitchener filter mask startup

KITCHENER — Richard Szasz was in China to check out a factory making furniture for one of his student housing projects in Waterloo, when he decided to visit Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

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